"Without Safe & Healthy Youth There Is No Tomorrow!!"

WLL Enterprises's Consulting Program

Project Background and Description
WLL Enterprises Inc. is firmly committed in ensuring that families have access to resources required in order to improve their health. We are focused on reducing health and mental health risk factors through education, nutrition, and exercise which inevitably fosters healthy living.

With childhood obesity on the up rise and increasing from year to year, we at WLL Enterprises Inc. are dedicated to fighting and bringing awareness to our youth and their families about obesity to help them live a healthier life. In 2016, we introduced our “Happy Healthy Mind and Body Program” which included two (2) books of a series of six (6), “Eating Bad For Good Health” and “Eating Backwards To Move Forward”. We came out with a special book in 2017, “Why Is My Sugar So Sweet??”. This is a special book that addresses the effects sodas, energy drinks and fruit drinks have on the body. It’s short and to the point, it tells you how much sugar the body needs, how much are in these drinks, the effects they have on the body and what should and can be used as a replacement for these types of drinks.

Project Scope
Our goal is to ameliorate the situation by eliminating caustic factors and potential risk factors, thereby helping the families in establishing a healthy lifestyle. We want to bring change and make a positive impact on all the lives that we touch in our communities. We recognize our fight against childhood obesity is not just our own, but curbing childhood obesity is a fight for all of us.

New for 2017, WLL Enterprises Inc. is proud to announce we have just added a Consulting Firm. Our main target in this fight against childhood obesity and healthy lifestyles is our School Districts. We realize it is a challenge to prepare healthy meals for hundreds of kids, that they will eat. We will take the guess work out of your hands and do the needed research, to ensure our youth are receiving a healthy meal/snack that also taste good. We know a lot of our youth do not eat breakfast in the morning, either they don’t have time or can’t afford to, so what they eat at school has a very important value and should be as nutritious as possible.

Case Study
The average Nutritionist makes about $85,000.00 a year, when you add in benefits and vacation they’re well over $100,000.00 a year. What do you get for $100,000.00 a year? Someone to monitor meal planning, what else? That’s about it, WLL Enterprises Inc. would like to see you get as much for your money as possible, we know that school budgets are tight but this is a service that is very much needed. Let’s look and see what WLL Enterprises Inc. has to offer.

WLL Enterprises Inc. will provide the following services:

·         Our Certified Nutritionist will review your menu to assure that the meals are healthy, remove meals and snacks that are high in sugars, salts and starches. We will make suggestions for replacement meals.

·         Once a month we will release a newsletter or some type of worksheet (Via email which the school can distribute as they wish) for our youth as a reminder about healthy eating, this will be on a topic provided by you.

·         Once every three (3) months WLL Enterprises Inc. will produce for you a children’s book (5.5 X 8.5 up to 25 pages) regarding healthy eating.***

·         We will assist you in planning Healthy Youth events such as in September, “National Childhood Obesity” month.

·         We will meet once a month to check the progress of this program to see if we’re on the right track or if we need to make any changes.

Affected Parties
This is a twofold problem; our youth are highly influenced by commercials, advertisements and other youth. Secondly, parents today are so busy that they take very little time in making sure their children are eating healthy, just getting them fed is their main purpose. WLL Enterprises Inc. has been in communities since 2011 bringing awareness about healthy eating in this fight against childhood obesity. In 2017, we are taking it to another level, therefore we are coming to organizations such as yours. Again, we recognize our fight against childhood obesity is not just our own, but curbing childhood obesity is a fight for us all.

Affected Business Processes or Systems
Above is an overview of our services, everything is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our programs are setup in three (3) month increments, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months are longer if desired. The initial payment will be for the first two (2) months, the remaining payments will be due on the fifth (5th) of every month thereafter. If paid in full we will offer a five percent (5%) discount, and all books must be paid for within three (3) days of placing the order. Our proposals are valid for seven (7) days and are subject to revisions and negotiations if necessary.

Specific Exclusions from Scope
***WLL Enterprises Inc. reserves and maintains the copyrights to all printed materials and it prohibits its reproduction, without written permission. The books will be written by Author Leslie Wilkes and copyrights will remain with WLL Enterprises Inc., making copies is prohibited. WLL Enterprises Inc. will provide books at a bulk/discount rate for purchase by the School District. These books will be available in Spanish & English and at an additional cost we can provide other languages.