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Myth of The Streets

What is the myth of the streets you might ask? Well growing up in the most notorious neighborhood in Compton CA. (Nutty Blocc Compton Crip) where gang and drug activity was a daily way of life. The hood gang activity was so bad that we had very few alias, we were constantly on guard and getting into shootouts was the normal life of a gangbanger. Then the drugs hit the scene, hustling and gangbanging went hand in hand. The distribution of drugs from state to state was an adventure. Watching what hoods you go through, watching who’s wearing what color and what hats you see while you’re in public places. A life like that only leads to 2 places, jail and the grave. I don’t hide, condone or uphold what I did in the past. I was able to pull myself out of that life style but not without war scares among other things, but I made it.