"Without Safe & Healthy Youth There Is No Tomorrow!!"

A Hand Full Youth Program

“A generation of young adults separated by a technological chasm, hyperbolizing the generational gap to insane proportions. You're a generation of entitlement”. This is a quote from the “Elite Daily”, which goes on to say “This generation suffers from ADD; we can't focus on anything for more than five minutes without checking our Facebook. They are judgmental, but hate being judged and we constantly worry about fitting in. This is why they are not ready for the real world”.


This is the very reason why we developed “A Handful Youth Program”, a twelve (12) week course created to help our youth between the age of 13-17 in the following areas;

  LA Exposure; Museum trips, boat rides, nice dining and trips to the beach.

  Finances; How to open a bank account, how to get and keep credit and how to manage your money.

  Grooming; How to dress, speak and carry yourself in a professional manner.

  Power of the senses; How to find your niche in life no matter what it is and start working toward it.

  Communication; How to improve written and verbal communication because we speak like we write.

  Peer pressure and bullying; How to recognize, control and stop.

  Music: Learn what producers do, how to produce music with special celebrity guest appearances.

  Healthy living; How to eat healthy, get healthy and stay healthy.

  Job Preparation; How to look for a job, read and fill out an application, how to dress and present yourself at a interview.

The world is a cold place and it will never bow down to our youth. Anything they want out of this life, they are going to have to go after it. They are the only ones responsible for bringing out the best in themselves. A textbook cannot teach them life. We will show them how to take a chance, or go outside of their comfort zone, helping them to see that the worst thing that can happen to them is that they actually learn a valuable life lesson.

Not everyone is going to have an answer or a solution to their problems, only a few will help them in this world. This world is made up of two types of people: those who make themselves into something and those who wait until they turn into nothing. The decision is ultimately theirs. There is nothing we hate seeing more than a wasted talent and a wasted life.

WLL Enterprises Inc. has a goal to prepare as many of our youth in low income and underprivilege areas to be able to manage going into the real world.

We are coming to you and other organizations offering our mentoring program in hopes of promoting change to ensure our youth the opportunity to live a Happy Healthy Lifestyle. We would like to setup an appointment (contactus@wllenterprisesinc.org) with your organization to discuss how we together can help our youth live a healthier life. Our non-profit organization has been in operation for the last six years. Please visit our website (www.wllenterprisesinc.org) to view the good work we are doing. Thank you in advance for your time and support.